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best...because the law should not be a mystery.

.Sure, it can seem a little quirky at times, but I believe that people should understand the law. And it's my job to help them. Whether drafting a simple will or a complex trust or contract for clients, serving as an advocate in court or mediating disputes, I go to great lengths to explain the reasons behind the legal concepts confronting my clients.

Plain English answers and outstanding results have made me a ten-time ANG readers' poll winner for Best Attorney.

"Highly recommend!"

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Brian F:  Mr. Dimick successfully managed my difficult divorce.  He was able to minimize the conflict, unnecessary motions and unreasonable demands... (read more)

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  Meet My New Tenant, Hannah Sargent


(My insurance company insists that I make clear that Hannah is not my employee, nor my associate nor my partner.  She rents office space from me.  Period.  But I'm darned glad to have her.)

I first met Hannah around two years ago and was impressed with her poise and maturity. It didn't take me long to find out why she seemed so poised and mature – she spent seven years as an officer in the U.S. Army flying Apache helicopters.

Hannah also attended Boalt Hall School of Law at U.C. Berkeley – one of the finest law schools in the country – as did I. So I knew she was quality material.

We also had the same type of practice: largely estate planning and probate.

Over the next few months we had several lunches together and it wasn't long before I realized that as I start thinking of retiring someday, there is nobody to whom I would rather turn over my practice than Hannah.  (This is all in the future and no distinct plans have been made.) 

Hannah finally moved into my office suite on January 1, 2015, joining me and my other tenant, attorney John F. Hannon.  (Neither of these two share any business relationship with me.  We share office space.  Period.)  

When I finally retire, I'm sure I'll be able to convince her to assume my practice and to carry on my tradition of listening to, speaking plainly to and giving excellent service to my clients. 

(My insurance company will be happy to know that this is only a review of a respected colleague.  Hannah is not my partner, not my associate, not my employee.  Our practices are completely separate.  There.)

You may find out more about Hannah by clicking here.

Question of the Week: How much does probate cost?


(One of a series of spotlighted subjects. To find many more questions and answers, go to the Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking here.)


A living trust (sometimes called a “revocable living trust” or an “intervivos trust”) is yet another method for the orderly winding up of a deceased person's affairs, but without the involvement of the court (i.e., no probate.) A will and a trust are merely tools to accomplish a single objective: passing your assets to your beneficiaries upon your death. It is important to remember that (with infrequent exceptions) the only reason for establishing a living trust is to avoid probate. Other goals, such as minimizing estate taxes or ensuring that your wishes are carried out, can just as easily be accomplished through a will.


Nobody needs a living trust, despite what your neighbor may have told you or what you may have heard at a seminar put on by folks who really only want to sell you an annuity or long-term care insurance. A living trust has both advantages and disadvantages, compared to a will. Its advantages include no court supervision, privacy, faster and smoother (usually) operation than probate, and an overall monetary savings. Its disadvantages include no court supervision, extra bookkeeping or accounting problems during your lifetime and the fact that it is more expensive for you than having only a will. In addition, a trust is a very complex document and few laymen fully understand it.


I always explain to my clients that a living trust is of no benefit to you. We prepare a living trust to benefit our intended beneficiaries (usually our children), by speeding up the process and minimizing the cost after our death. In return, we pay considerably more to have a trust prepared instead of a will, and we have to make sure for the rest of our lives that our trust is kept in order and up to date.


As an example, a will for my wife and myself might cost in the neighborhood of $250 - $500. A living trust (and its companion documents) might cost us $1,500 to $2,500. But if we have a $500,000 estate, attorney’s fees for probate would cost our children $13,000 – a cost which could be avoided if we did a trust. So by setting up a trust, we have caused a savings of possibly $10,000 to $12,000. However, we never see that savings, because it only occurs after our death.


Therefore, if I have no children, and all of my estate is going to charity, I may not care whether or not a probate is necessary after my death. I might prefer the cheapest and easiest solution for me.

In short, whether to establish a living trust depends on how you, personally, view the pros and cons. You wouldn't allow a stranger or a family member to tell you that you should be a dog person or a cat person, or that you should drive a Ford or a Toyota. If someone tells you that you should have a living trust, that person either doesn't have the full story or is trying to sell you something. Be careful and consult a qualified estate-planning attorney.

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